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The Rebirth of an
Old Textile Mill

R.Cappelli Hats is a proud contributor to the textile heritage in the Flat Iron Building of Greenville, SC. We are keeping the tradition alive and thriving. Come visit us and see for yourself the beauty of our handmade hats.

Sometimes things just come together in a way that you know fate must have had a role.  A textile mill, built in 1928 when Greenville, SC was regarded as the textile capital of the world, then renovated from a state of ruin in 2020 and registered in the National historic Register.  A fashion designer, educated at the Fashion Institute of New York City, moving to Greenville after years of designing gowns, wedding dresses and all descriptions of women’s fashion.  And the very unique, timely and highly creative idea bringing it all together under one roof.


Rene’ Hutchisson is the artistic mind and founder of R. Cappelli, which has just opened in the historic Flat Iron building, located in the Village of West Greenville.  Women’s fashion has always evolved around the social, economic and cultural cycles of history.  Women’s hats have been key to expressing uniqueness and style through all forms of the changes.  But - this is not your grandfather’s fedora.


Rene’ handpicks unique fabrics, custom fits the combinations you select and creates a reversible, packable expression that is entirely yours to wear and enjoy.  In addition to fabric choices, you can also pick among 8 different hat styles.  From everyday to special occasions, you’ll become used to the question “where did you get that hat?”


R. Cappelli (Cappelli is Italian for hats) is located at 1211 Pendleton Street and also offers the creations of other talented local artisans - jewelry, handbags, scarves along with other unique accessories and gifts are hand selected for your one-of-a-kind fashion statement. Drop by her boutique or visit to schedule a private ‘hat bar’ event for your special group of friends. 

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